The Royal Heritage of Bhopal’s Begums – Part 2

  • May 24, 2021

Bhopal is not India’s capital, but it has all the features and reflects the great highlights of the country. Bhopal is actually the capital of Madhya Pradesh State. There was a time that Bhopal was the heart of an independent State. The city was forced to join the union of India in 1949, but since then the royalty attention has faded and the city’s monuments have been neglected.  However, there are still signs of the glory days to be seen in the ruins of the palaces and old mansions. My guide told me that the local government has become more aware of tourism, so there are plans to restore and refurbish these architectural remainders of the Nawab era. I could see, in the center of the city, that work had already started. The restoration process should result in a brighter future for this historic city

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