Our world is full of mysteries. There are many untold stories that lie beneath the surface. We are brought to this life to observe and learn. We have a very short time to explore and understand our world with its never-ending complex tale of existence. Our mission, in life is to discover the secrets of the universe, to view, perceive and interpret its beauty.

This website is a journal designed to pursue a Pure Vision, opening a different window to our puzzling ecosphere. It is Amirinia’s self-imposed task to undertake the practice of going deeper, unfolding hidden layers. Documenting the seen and the unseen through the lens of a camera.

Using a practical approach of studying and analyzing information to convey factual issues and views through photo stories. The objective, in this showcase is to develop and express ideas in all aspects of life, through the art of photography.

Amirinia is a freelance writer and journalist who has a passion for Documentary Photography, Social Photography and Photojournalism and wishes to share his journey and inspirations through his visual essays.