Gallipoli – a tour of the WWI battlefield

  • November 29, 2016
Gallipoli – a tour of the WWI battlefield

Çanakkale in the Gallipoli region of Turkey has witnessed many bloody battles throughout its chaotic history, from the Achaemenid era to the battle for Troy and the story of the Trojan horse all the way through thosuands of years of history to then, the battle of Gallipoli, which took place only a century ago.

The graveyards of the Turkish and Allied soldiers have not been forgotten. and it is interesting to see how the story of the triumph and defeat is still alive. The cemeteries of dead soldiers have become green parks, laid across the unspoiled landscapes of the Gallipoli Peninsula, and all within green forests full of pine trees, edged with wild shrubs and olive woods, along the beautiful beaches of the Aegean coasts. The effects of the war has influenced all small fishing villages in the region and changed the life of local people forever.

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The Battle Fields of Khuzestan

  • November 13, 2016
The Battle Fields of Khuzestan

Khuzestan is famous for the richness of it’s resources, namely oil, gas and the resulting petrochemical products. However, if you scratch the surface of this wealthy province you will discover stories that span over a thousand years of history.

The tides of history have swept across these lands bring with them religious invasions, uprisings and wars. Fourteen centuries ago this land was invaded by Arab hordes under the flag of Islam which slowly but surely turned it into a country populated by Muslims. In recent memory that history repeated itself when the secular Arab Baathist regime of Saddam Hussein invaded the newly born Islamic Republic of Iran.

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