Candle Night in Sarlat

The tourist board in in the city of Sarlat (France) lit up the whole town with over 10000 candles in the little tea lights to celebrate candle night. The town is normally lightened up with original 17th Century gas lamps, giving a medieval feeling throughout. It is Sarlat’s heritage day. All official buildings, which are not normally open to the public, become accessible to everyone to visit. The artists and craftsmen display their artworks in special exhibitions. The tourists, locals and villagers gather to celebrate a special night. The candlelights and soft music played in the background and filled the air with a pleasant romantic feeling. The rain started showering the town and extinguished some of the candles. However, despite the rain, the people remained walking around and the candlelights still brighten up the narrow passages. Fortunately, the rain stopped and did not spoil the night.

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