The Beginning of the End of Winter

  • December 23, 2021


The Winter Solstice is an astronomical event, which occurs in the Northern Hemisphere when the sun is at its utmost distance from the equator and reaches its southernmost point.  The winter transformation begins after the longest night of the year (and the shortest day), regenerating life.

Despite the weather getting colder, the days get longer with the promise of warmer days to come. The solstice has been long celebrated since ancient times, symbolising the rebirth of nature. In prehistoric times, pagans who worshiped the Sun held celebrations, eating and drinking. They believed that the winter solstice was the birthday of the two gods Sol Invictus (the invincible sun) and Mithras. Zoroastrians believed that the darkest night of the year was ominous and people should stay together to protect themselves from evil.

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