Bern and Interlaken: Pearls of Switzerland

  • March 6, 2017
Bern and Interlaken: Pearls of Switzerland

In September of last year I spent a few days in Switzerland and visited Bernand Interlaken.

Although Switzerland’s busy capital city, Bern projects the kind of charm that is usually found only in small villages. The town of Interlaken is a popular tourist destination in the Swiss Alps, surrounded by two lakes and spectacular mountain scenery.

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Exploring Bern and Interlaken

  • November 5, 2016
Exploring Bern and Interlaken

Bern is a busy capital city that manages to sustain a sense of calm and projects a charm that you could only find by living in a village.

It is no wonder that whole city was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the federal capital of Switzerland since 1848, it stands on a narrow hill surrounded by the Aare River which is on three sides. The old medieval town was originally built surrounded by woods, but a major destructive fire in 1405 transformed it into a new city rebuilt in stone.

I was amazed to find buildings, predominantly coloured in grey, different to other European cities that I have seen where they are mostly painted brightly with various shades and colours of white, red, blue and yellow. The uniformity of light grey throughout the old town has created a distinctive character.

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