9 great reasons to visit Sliema in Malta

  • August 31, 2016

Malta, one of the smallest countries in the world, is a real paradise, as implied in its name derived from the original Phoenician word, “Maleth,” which means “a heaven”. The Greeks also used to call it “Melite” which means “honey-sweet” due to the production of a unique type of honey on the Island.

Malta’s mild climate and peacefulness has made it a small secluded spot in the Mediterranean sea, an island concealed by layers and layers of history spanning from antiquity to modern times. Its riches have made it a target of interest for all who have come to know of it. It has been included in much of European history from original Phoenician settlers, the influence of Greek and Roman rulers, the legacy of the Arab and Muslim era, the adventures of the Normans and the Knights of St John, the short Napoleonic period to the period of British rule which included its heroic role in WWII.

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