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Visiting the war fields of Khuzestan

  • September 9, 2016
Visiting the war fields of Khuzestan

I arrived in Ahvaz, the capital city of the Iranian province of Khuzestan a few days after the end of the Iranian New Year. Holidaymakers had already returned home and roads were less crowded. It was the beginning of spring and the weather was very mild and pleasant as I began to discover Khuzestan which is to be found in the south west of the country.

Khuzestan may be known as one of the richest resources of petrochemical raw materials thanks to its extensive oil and gas fields, but beneath the surface of this wealthy province lies many untold stories spanning more than a thousand years.

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9 great reasons to visit Luxembourg City

  • September 4, 2016
9 great reasons to visit Luxembourg City

I had arrived in Luxembourg City, the capital of one of the smallest countries, also confusingly called Luxembourg. This tiny country is one of the world’s most well-kept secrets and is little known to tourists despite its rich history and heritage.

Luxembourg, situated in the heart of Europe and surrounded by Germany, France and Belgium used to be called the Gibraltar of the North because of its strategic significance. It is a microscopic country compared to the Malta, for example, both in size and population but, in contrast, is surrounded by beautiful green countryside in natural settings. Its topographical position has made it an attractive target to its neighbours and the great European powers throughout history and they always had their eyes on Luxembourg to grab its outstanding lands. You find here 9 great reasons why Luxembourg City is an amazing place to visit.

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