Nowruz and Haft Sin
Iranians celebrate Nowruz and the beginning of spring by setting a special taditional table. It is called Haft Sin table which means seven items starting with the letter S in the Persian language.
The Haft Sīn items are: Sabzeh (wheat symbolizing rebirth), Samanu (symbolizing affluence), Senjed (the dried fruit of the oleaster tree) symbolizing love, Sīr (garlic symbolizing medicine), Sīb (apples symbolizing beauty and health), Somaq (berries symbolizing sunrise) and Serkeh (vineger symbolizing age and patience).
The Haft Sin also includes a Mirror, Candles, Rose Water, Wheat, Goldfish and Eggs. They represent Sky, Fire, Water, Plants, Animals and Fertility.

Iranians eat Sabsi polo Mahi on Iranian New Years Eve. It consists of Rice mixed with herbs and Fish.